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Lead designer, David Ford Phillips, has over 30 years of design experience.  The grandchild of Oregon Lumber Maverick Kenneth Ford, David was raised with a strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit.  Having lived in Mexico, Paris and Nice France, New York City, and California's singularly beautiful, wine producing region, Sonoma County, David brings to the table an aspirational  degree of knowledge and appreciation for design aesthetics from around the globe.

David possesses an extensive knowledge of retail design, including concept creation, architectural design, fixture layout, signage, and packaging.  He also has over 20 years of hands-on experience in residential construction. There is no aspect of residential construction that David has not This marriage of experience and talents gives David the ability to create custom residential designs that are cost efficient, practical, and aesthetically bespoke to each client. David has been honing his gourmet home-chef skills since the age of six, and experience has given him a unique ability to create flawless design for the most important room in the house...the kitchen.  He has garnered a reputation for award-winning, stellar kitchen design that would make any chef proud.  A design autodidact, David has the ability to approach each design project with an innate design integrity.  "I listen to what the house or building communicate to me, then I create the design that best compliments that structure, taking into consideration the client's aesthetic and practical use of the space.  I see every project in my mind's eye and am tasked with using all of my experience, resources and talent to bring it to life." 

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